Adam Murby

Over the past 20 years, Adam has created and performed magic on stage and screen all over the world, becoming a Grand-Finalist on Australia’s Got Talent, and being awarded ‘Magician Of The Year’ in 2006, 2007 and 2010.

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Over the past 20 years, Adam has created and performed magic on stage and screen all over the world.

Adam (with his sister Selina) became Grand-Finalist on Australia’s Got Talent, and by 2012 were the headline act for the 100th Anniversary of Calgary Stampede in Canada billed as the “Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth”. In 2013, Adam & Selina became the first ever magicians to perform a live public magic/illusion show in Qatar, which was endorsed by the Royal Family and sold over 10,000 tickets in the first week.

Prior to that, Adam has received numerous awards by the Magicians Society. He has been awarded the prestigious ‘Magician Of The Year’ in 2006, 2007 and 2010, Australian Close-up Champion in 2007, Australian Magic Slam Champion Judges Award & Audience Award in 2008 and became Grand Finalist on Channel 7’s Australia’s Got Talent in 2010 with Selina.

After touring the US and living in Las Vegas for 6 months, Adam returned back to Australia and began a sold-out run of a show titled ‘Adam & Selina – The Magicians’ every fortnight at the Sonar Room in Fremantle.

Most recently, Adam and Selina launched Magic School in Australia, an organisation dedicated to teaching children and adults the art of magic. The core focus is to use magic as an instrument to help build and boost self-confidence, inspire creativity, improve physical dexterity, increase mental focus and self-discipline.

Adam offers a range of shows for all occasions:
The Stage Show: Regardless of the scale or complexity of your event, Adam can deliver a 1, 000, 000 volts of thrilling magic and large scale illusion entertainment that meets and exceeds you needs for audiences from 100 to 10, 000.

The Close-Up Show: Audiences of 25 guests or less gather casually around Adam as he treats them to an astounding world-class close up magic show that can run anywhere from 15 – 45 minutes.

The Strolling Show: Adam serves as a perfect icebreaker and conversation starter, mingling with the crowd and absolutely blowing their minds. He will mix and mingle throughout your event performing for small groups for short periods o time before continuing to circulate.

The Stand-Up Show: An Ideal way to entertain a group all at once. Adam’s Stand Up show can be between 10-45 minutes long, is suitable for up to 100 guests and is sure to have your audiences laughing and applauding all the way through.

The Magic Workshop: Tailored for your company’s needs. It not only gets people working together in unity and collaboration but also promotes a great team bonding opportunity while boosting self confidence in individuals, improving their problem solving abilities, communication and negotiation skills.

Magic School: Suitable for ages 7 and above, learn magic’s biggest secrets by master magicians, boost self confidence and amaze your friends and family!

  • I'm in shock, that was impossible!

    Danni Minogue - Australia's Got Talent
  • Ushering in a new generation of magical mystery.

    The Sunday Times
  • Incredible, amazing, brilliant , wonderful and we loved him!


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