Ari Davis

Ari loves to engage and interact with his audience. His music has been described as honest and raw. A great collaborator, Ari also available to perform as a duo or trio

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Singer/songwriter/guitarist, Ari Davis can read the crowd. Having a repertoire spanning the 60s to now, he can also learn songs for special occasions eg: weddings, engagements, birthdays, etc.

Ari loves to engage and interact with his audience. His music has been described as honest and raw.

A great collaborator, Ari also available to perform as a duo or trio.


Some of the first questions most people ask Ari when they meet him for the first time are…”Where are you from?” or “Are you American?” or “Where’s the accent from?”

Born in Indonesia, yet having been an Australian citizen since 1975, his quick explanation is that he is an American-accented, internationally-educated, Asian-looking Australian…and proud of it!

As an engineer, Ari’s stepfather, was transferred to many countries, including Indonesia, Thailand and Holland. Ari moved to Michigan after graduating American High School of The Hague in Holland. He will always be grateful for this unique upbringing.

Ari was exposed to music very early on in life. Growing up in a musical family, guitars, keyboards and drum kits were a common sight around the Davis household, along with baseball bats, gloves, ice hockey sticks and other sports equipment.

All of Ari’s four brothers played music, and while he did learn drums early on, his number one priority when he was growing up was actually competitive running. In his last year of high school, Ari captained both the cross-country and track & field teams. He was part of a 4x400m team in 1990 that still holds the high school record. (Last checked 2016,,,)

While at university, he found that music could be an outlet for what was going on in his mind. He surrounded himself with other musicians and before long, was writing songs, collaborating, entering numerous talent shows, and playing at coffeehouses around his university. After graduating with a degree in British Literature, Ari “stopped by” Thailand to visit his parents, but that planned short stop became 3 years.

This was a critical part in his life. He met, fell in love and married his wife, Pat. He taught English during the day and played music almost every night in small pubs and restaurants in and around Bangkok. After a few years, he was promoted and transferred to Singapore. With work commitments, marriage and a new country, music became less of a priority. In fact, during the next few years, he only picked up his guitar occasionally, only playing one gig in two years! In 1999, He and Pat decided to move permanently to Australia.

After a few years, the call of music became too strong to ignore.

Over the past 15 years, he has been gigging more and more, playing weddings, birthdays, corporate functions and also loves busking at weekend markets, regularly performing Fremantle, Coolbellup, Palmyra, Bathers Beach and South Freo. He has also played at numerous pubs, bars and restaurants and has a few residencies.

He launched a four-song EP titled “Feeding my Fire” in November 2014 at the Astor Lounge while opening for Stone Circle. That EP sold out in 6 weeks and a successful re-release a few months later has inspired him to record and perform even more. One thing that Ari plans to do as long as possible, however, is busk whenever possible. Ari loves performing for strangers and showing music to new people, not just his own originals, but interpretations of popular songs.

Ari’s music has been described as honest and raw. His performances are energetic and powerful. Ari feeds off the energy of the crowd.

Ari is now in the studio recording his upcoming album “This Love, This Life”.

Ari plays a mix of current covers from Ed Sheeran, U2, Rag n Bone Man, Vance Joy, Mumford & Sons to classics such as Elvis, Beatles, John Denver and more. Ari can also learn special songs for your event.


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