Bindjareb Middars

WA’s Bindjareb Middars is headed up by Theo Kearing who is a billyduck Nyoongar from the Pinjarra tribe. Having travelled all over the world Bindjareb Middar dance troupe have worked with Dr Richard Walley, Ernie Dingo and Shane Pickett just to name a few.

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After Theo’s father passed away he took over the dance group and continued to share the knowledge and culture with the world. Having acted in Paperback Hero and many 5 minute films on the ABC and NITV, Theo was lucky enough to meet many famous people through his culture and dancing, such as Michael Jackson, Geoffrey Rush, Arthur Hurts, Claudio Carven, Dennis Rodman and Wesley Snipes. Theo Kearing and his Bindjareb Middars performers have also featured in Ben Elton’s movie ‘Three Summers’.

Theo has also had the amazing opportunity to travel to Africa and live with the Masai warriors for two weeks and share one another’s cultures, including also the American Indians in the remote communities.

Offering the best experiences Indigenous Culture has to offer, such as:

* Welcome to Country
* Smoking Ceremonies
* Didgeridoo playing
* Story Telling
* Corroboree / Dancing / Dance Workshops
* Tool Making / Art
* Bush Tucker




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