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Dave Allan – Comedy Hypnotist is Perth’s fastest, favourite and funniest Stage Hypnotist… He is a Comedy Stage Hypnotist who began his foray into the art of Hypnosis long before he became a professional comedy hypnosis performer in 2010.

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Dave Allan- Comedy Hypnotist is Perth’s fastest, favourite and funniest Stage Hypnotist.

He is a Comedy Stage Hypnotist who began his foray into the art of Hypnosis long before he became a professional comedy hypnosis performer in 2010.

For over 10 years, Dave Allan has practised hypnosis as a therapist, teacher and stage performer. During this time, he has successfully assisted thousands of people in their quest for self-improvement and empowerment and has also successfully utilised his natural hypnotic and mesmeric skills in general life and traditional business to great effect!

Dave Allan is the Fastest Hypnotist and a very professional comedy stage hypnotist in Perth, Western Australia and travels throughout Australia delivering his charismatic performances to a wide range of audiences and venues.

Whether he is performing at private parties, corporate events, functions or on the comedy hypnosis circuit, Dave has a commanding stage presence. His shows are guaranteed to produce raucous applause and side-splitting belly laughter from the audience and leave his volunteers in a state of pleasant wonderment.

Each of Dave Allan’s shows is tailored to suit his audience and both volunteers and audience members alike will be amazed, entertained, hypnotised, mesmerised and humourised, encouraging each and every one to “Enjoy The Power Of Your Mind”.

Volunteers can rest assured that their own talent and creativity is highlighted and the focus is firmly on participation, laughter and fun rather than embarrassment and awkwardness.

Dave successfully combines performance, clinical therapy and training and is able to maintain his hectic schedule due to his passion for his craft. The Fringe World Festivals are a favourite and David is currently writing and recording a range of Hypnosis CD’s and Mp3’s and preparing course curriculum for his upcoming Hypnosis Training venture.


  • We went to watch one of David's show at the Albion Hotel in December. My husband said he was definitely not getting up on stage, my daughter was unsure and I always knew there would be a chance that I would. Well I did and it was a great night for all. David had us all relaxed from the moment he went on stage and had the whole audience participating before participants went up on stage. That night I understood and could translate Älien language", I was John Travolta in Grease and I was a male watching my wife have a baby to name just a few. The interesting thing about being a participant is you are aware of what is going on, you can hear what is happening and when you hear certain cues that have been set for you, you just feel compelled to do it. We were told that if there is something we really don't want to do then there is like a switch in our brain that will just tell us not to do it. I think I must be missing that switch since I was more than happy to do anything that was suggested - Anyway it was a really fun night. Keep up the awesome work David !

    Gemma (Albion Hotel)
  • I have been to a number of David’s comedy Hypnosis shows now and I always have a laugh and come away thinking ‘WOW what an awesome night’ and amazed at how he does what he does. Of course the audience and volunteers play a large part in the show but David seems to have a knack for entertaining and putting a show together in such a hilarious, fun & professional way. An absolute natural in front of any size crowd and guaranteed to bring a night to remember to any evening or event. I have witnessed my husband up there on stage hypnotised and I’m definitely no skeptic! Heads Up! He’s booked out on the 11th October for my 40th ;)

    Katherine (Private function client)

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