The Battle of Brit Pop continues as the best OASIS v BLUR Tribute Show in Perth rocks the house!

BLUR Tribute act “The Charmless Men” is a 4 piece line-up created in Perth from their love of all things BLUR. The night will kick off with all the biggest BLUR hits including: “Song 2” “Country House” “Girls and Boys” and “Parklife”! With lead singer and BLUR enthusiast, Joe Boshell hailing all the way from London UK, you’ll think you’re watching the real thing!

Next up is 5 piece OASIS tribute band “The R-Kids” – armed with arguably the best pub song selection imaginable. You just know you’re in for a great time singing along to all of the biggest songs from OASIS. Performing all the huge OASIS hits including “Don’t Look Back In Anger” “Morning Glory” and “Champagne Supernova”… and yes, they certainly will “play WONDERWALL!”

This is a tribute show filled with passion, energy and charm, and the band members in these tribute acts know exactly how to create a night to remember.

Don’t miss out on this epic tribute showdown of OASIS and BLUR!

Girls and Boys
There’s no other way
The Universal
Coffee and TV
End of a Century
Charmless Man
Country House
Song 2
Gorillaz medley

Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
Roll with it
Live Forever
She’s Electric
Little by Little
Some Might Say
D’You know what I mean
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Morning Glory
Don’t look back in anger
Champagne Supernova

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