Old Time New

Old Time New is a dynamic blues, ragtime, jazz and country duo performing original compositions with flavours of the Ol’ West.

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Old Time New is Hannah and Jesse – two musicians brought together by their mutual adoration for the songs and sounds of times past.

The man on guitar is Jesse Woodward, a self-taught musician with a savant like ability to pick up any instrument and know exactly how it works. He cut his musical chops playing for Ruby Boots, Big Old Bears, 10 Cent Shooters, Abbe May and the Justin Walshe Folk Machine. Hannah Blass’ musical weapon of choice is the impressive double bass. Her musical career began singing the absorbent stylings of Rockabilly band Love Sponge.

With a diverse repertoire spanning genres like blues, ragtime, jazz and country, Old Time New takes audiences on a thrilling musical journey. Their tight harmonies, skillful double bass playing, and engaging stage presence captivate crowds from the moment the first note is struck. Whether they’re performing beloved classics or putting their unique spin on contemporary songs, Old Time New will bring their very best to each performance.

The double bass adds a unique depth and rhythm to the sound of Old Time New, infusing their performances with an infectious groove that resonates with every beat. Their ability to effortlessly switch between driving blues, to country to jazz rhythms showcases the versatility and virtuosity of their musical abilities.

Together, they produce unique performances that take the audience back in time whilst combining contemporary influences for a fresh sound. Book Old Time New, now to avoid missing out on this wonderfully talented duo!



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