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Find here an entire catalogue of our Paint & Sip workshops and events on offer! With something for everyone, of all skill levels and group size; discover the perfect style of creative workshop suited to your event.

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Discover the joy of artistic expression with these workshops, perfect for events of all sizes! Whether you’re planning a small intimate gathering or a large celebratory event, this list of workshop options offer a unique and engaging experience that caters to all skill levels.

All required materials for Paint and Sip workshops will be supplied – Just bring your creativity and enthusiasm!

Learn from professional artists who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you achieve your creative potential – these workshops are perfect for ages 18+. They are fantastic activities for corporate team-building events, birthdays, bridal showers, or any occasion where you want to add a splash of creativity. PLUS! At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a beautifully decorated pot or canvas or other piece of art to take home as a reminder of your creative experience. These art pieces make great gifts or decorative pieces for your own home or office.

(all painting workshops may be combined with Paint and Sip style)

– Pot Painting:
High-quality terracotta pots, a wide range of vibrant paints, brushes, and other painting tools.
1 large pot or 2 smaller pots per person. From small to larger groups; 2 hours approximate duration.

– Canvas Painting:
1 x A4 Plywood canvas (unique collaboration), a wide range of vibrant paints, brushes, and other painting tools.
Step-by-step guidance from professionals. Native Flora & Fauna style; 3 hour approximate duration.

– Paint Pour:
1 x canvas, cups, a wide range of vibrant paints, and other painting tools.
Guidance from professionals in the field. Paint pour style art; 1-2 hour approximate duration.

(all drawing workshops may be combined with Paint and Sip style)

– Fine Line Botanical
All eco-drawing supplies are provided. Professional guidance through each drawing exercise.
Walk away with 1 resolved ‘masterpiece’; 2.5 hour approximate duration.

(all arts and crafts workshops may be combined with Paint and Sip style)

– Clay Making Workshop
2 – 3 hour approximate duration
Unleash your inner sculptor as you mold and shape clay into beautiful and unique creations.
Expert instructors will guide you through various techniques, from hand-building to basic pottery, helping you bring your ideas to life in clay.

– Lino Carving / Print Screen Workshop
2 – 3 hour approximate duration
Discover the art of printmaking with our lino carving and print screen workshop.
Learn how to carve intricate designs into linoleum blocks and create stunning prints on paper or fabric.
This workshop is perfect for those who love detailed work and bold graphics.

– Macramé Making Workshop
2 – 3 hour approximate duration
Embrace the art of knotting with our macramé making workshop.
Create beautiful wall hangings, plant hangers, and other decorative pieces using various knotting techniques.
Skilled instructors will teach you the fundamentals of macramé, from basic knots to complex patterns.

– Soap Making Workshop
2 – 3 hour approximate duration
Craft your own luxurious, handcrafted soaps in our soap making workshop.
Learn about different soap bases, essential oils, and natural additives as you create personalized soaps that are perfect for gifting or personal use.
Instructors will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you leave with beautifully scented and customized soaps.

– Basket Coiling Workshop
2 – 3 hour approximate duration
Experience the traditional art of basket coiling in our hands-on workshop.
Using natural materials, you’ll learn how to coil and stitch together your own unique basket.
This workshop is a wonderful way to explore a timeless craft and create functional art pieces.

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