Pierre Ulric

Pierre Ulric, a professional magician, speaker and illusionist based in Perth, Western Australia.

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His passion is to offer moments of wonder to people, stimulate creativity and generate astonishment. He applies 20+ years of performance experience to:

Entertain at social and community events, transforming them into extraordinary, memorable experiences.Present at conferences, workshops, schools & libraries, educating and elevating the attendee experience.
Engage audiences to think, use their imagination and feel inspired.
Dynamic, sophisticated and original, whether it is on a theatre stage for thousands or in an intimate private setting, his performances will make your event memorable.

In addition to his public theatrical shows, he is available to perform at private and corporate events all around Australia and anywhere in the world!

2022: As Heard at TEDxKingsPark
2020: As Seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us
2018, 2005 & 2003: West Australian Magician of the Year (WA Society of Magicians)
2018: Adelaide Fringe BEST MAGIC Weekly Award Winner (Adelaide Fringe act)
2017: Original Show Nominated for ‘Best Children’s Entertainment (Fringe World act)
2015: Original Show Nominated for ‘Best of Cabaret’ (Fringe World double act)
2014 ‘Best Of 600 Seconds’ (Fringe World double act)\
2003: Australian Magic Convention National Champion, Strolling Magic (Australian Magic Convention)

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