Ross Vegas – All-Inclusive Cabaret Show

Prepare to be enthralled by Ross Vegas and his unique brand with an all-inclusive cabaret style show! A master of his passions, Ross Vegas seamlessly blends a myriad of performance arts into one seamless tapestry. Alongside his unparalleled talent and boundless creativity, Ross Vegas crafts enthralling experiences that transcends boundaries and captivates audiences of all ages. With his live acapella looping, comedic timing and infectious energy, his interactive circus mastery including breathtaking juggling routines and mesmerizing lasso tricks, his impressive stilt walking displays and interactive performances, Ross ensures each event is truly unforgettable.

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As a professional entertainer, circus performer, stilt walker, musician and comedian, Ross Vegas creates a mesmerizing world, where audience members are enchanted with his attention to detail and seemingly effortless talent. Ross’ passion for collaborating and networking has made him a valued member of Perth’s circus community and has built his reputation on creating innovative, fun and quality performances for the last twenty years, where each performance is commanded by a wealth of skill, imagination, quick wit and flair.

While stilts adds an element of grandeur to his act, audience members laugh along as Ross’s comedic timing and infectious energy fills the room, creating an atmosphere of joy and merriment that is truly contagious. Ross’ talent as a musician shines through with his live acapella looping, a performance that adds depth and richness to his show. Skill meets passion, wit meets groove when Ross Vegas’ gospel and blues harmonies collide with hip-hop, dub-step, and drum-and-bass beat-box, beneath a freestyle flow of poetic, personal, conversational lyrics, looped up by one elastic mouth and inspired mind. Infused with comedy, his interactive circus mastery showcases his unwavering dedication to his craft, through breathtaking juggling routines and mesmerizing lasso tricks; ensuring that every moment is as entertaining as it is awe-inspiring.

Ross effortlessly engages with the audience through this interactive experience, bringing them into his world and making them an integral part of the performance. Ross creates a sense of connection that makes every spectator feel like an active participant in this unforgettable show. His wardrobe is a testament to his artistic vision, combining flair, elegance, and a dash of whimsy to create an aesthetic that is both visually striking and impressive, as this larger-than-life comedian delights adults and children alike. A professional in every sense, Ross Vegas is a true master of his passions. His magnificent cabaret show is a testament to his creativity, talent, and dedication to his craft, captivating audiences with its immersive and dynamic nature.

Armed with quick wit, a tonne of tricks, tiny shoes, and a huge heart, prepare to be truly entertained by the mesmerising world of “Ross Vegas”!

Book Ross Vegas now; available in a roving format or stage show, Ross Vegas is ready to elevate your next event! Roving Ross is prepared with his lofty high five, a lanky dance, and a comic pose for a family photo, ensuring guests have an unforgettable experience and share the fun of it all. Ross Vegas creates a stage show that is both unique and interactive, a performance that intrigues audiences and creates new perspectives.

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