Stewart Herbertson

With over 25 years of experience Stewart has performed a wide variety of music to all kinds of audiences. Whether it is well loved covers or his catchy originals, a very wide range of material means that he is able to provide exactly what you are looking for at your next function.

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Whether it is impressing crowds with his one man musical shows at local performing arts centres; getting crowds up on their feet and dancing at public venues; or playing a beloved favourite song for a couple’s first dance at their wedding; Stewart’s versatility and talent shines through. Stewart has been playing as a professional musician long before he was legally allowed to be served in some of the venues and has a wealth of material and styles that he draws on. No two performances are alike but the ability to engage and connect with the audience, entertain, and receive glowing feedback is consistent at every show.
His vast repertoire and ability to take requests on the spot without the aid of lyrics or backing tracks has earned him the nickname “The Human Jukebox” amongst his growing fan base. There are no tired set lists of the same covers everyone else plays, and you never know what he is going to pull out next; but can be guaranteed it will be a crowd pleaser. With simply his voice and guitar he has the power to move audiences to dance, and sing along. His passion for music across the genres and talent comes through, wowing audiences every time.

There’s too many songs to list!! But.. Stewart covers artists like:
Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, Chris Isaak, David Bowie, Billy Idol, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Eagles, The Doors, Credence, Nirvana, Crowded House, Robbie Williams, Paul Kelly, Rag N’ Bone, Dragon, R.H.C.P, The Beatles, The Who, Joe Cocker, Mondo Rock, INXS and many more, he’s always adding more and learning according to client needs.

  • Saw this guy at the last drop in bedfordale and what a voice and a great crowd entertainer too . 10 out of 10 really good night

    Marty Hage (review via FB)
  • A group of us watched him play at the saint and we were all bopping along so happily! He was nothing short of amazing. Will be watching this page to see where he is playing next. Thanks for the great entertainment

    Nikki Rain (review via FB)
  • Saw Stewart play at the Last Drop Elizabethan Tavern and was digging every song. Great singing and playing. His arrangements were the best I've heard in years. I'll definitely be checking out his gigs in the future.

    Oliver James (review via FB)
  • You made our night at Avocados an absolute pleasure... Thankyou very much mate!!! Mad TALENT

    Pauly Adz (review via FB)

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