With 20 years working in the entertainment industry, these stilt walkers bring you professional and captivating performances that dazzle audiences. From Gold Goddesses to Lion Ringmasters, these quality stilt walkers have a variety of costumes to suit your next event.

Leader Michelle has worked with Nova Star Productions, Empress Stilt Dance and Excessive Productions over the last 20 years, providing her with events in a range of settings and a variety of audiences to appeal to. Past performances include Moomba parade, Crown Casino, Melbourne Cup Parade, and stilt dancing to a 30, 000+ crowd at Marvel stadium for the RMIT Uni graduation. Collaborating with local performers, Michelle puts together high calibre performances that create that ‘X’ factor at events. Towering over audiences with dazzling handmade costumes creates unique photo opportunities for event goers. Their welcoming and charismatic personalities make them easy to work with and they always aim to be invited back for future events.

Characters Include:
Rainbow Circus – Rainbow, Fluro, Circus, Kids/Family, Pride, Candy, Carnival, Festival
Ringmaster – Circus, Vintage circus, Kids/Family, Greatest Showman, Carnival
White Wonderland – White, Winter, Ice, Angels, Diamonds
Golden Goddess – Summer, Black & Gold, Casino, Festival, Tribal, Warrior
Burlesque Babes – Burlesque, Cabaret, Vaudeville, Vintage circus, Great Gatsby
Cyber Goddess – Cyber, Cosplay, Space, Future, Kids/Family, 70’s/80’s, Fluro, Festival
Summer Loving – Summer, Spring, Festival, Beach, Tropical

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