Suns of Fred

Get ready for beer-spilling gags when you see Suns of Fred on stage. The super funny musical comedy trio is the product of the Aussie street comedy theatre.

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Sly, Fox and Mickey J have been entertaining comedy fans since 1997. Wearing black uniforms and mischievous smiles, these young and handsome men know where to tickle their audience and produce thunderous gags. They will go to all lengths to make you laugh, even if it involves displaying eclectic dance moves and singing ludicrous parodies.

Hailing from Perth, the trio has proven its comic skills in all major national comedy festivals, and has successfully held its own with celebrity comedians. Their act is a cocktail of energetic dancing, melody and comedy that satiates all senses. If you like to drink, dance and laugh all you can, Suns of Fred pretty much fit the bill. Live stage performers down to the core, they know how to take the crowd along and make people a part of their act. They are local comedic heroes that also travel across the country to perform at festivals, clubs and comedy competitions.

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  • Best act we’ve had in 10 years

    Storage King corporate at Optus stadium May 2023

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