One of Perth’s most sort after corporate acts, FELIX holds a dynamite set list, first class sound and the experience to create the perfect atmosphere for your next event!

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FELIX is one of Perth’s leading corporate bands, building their 18 year career with professionalism, engaging shows and quality entertainment. With a dynamite set list and a first class sound, FELIX charms crowds with their stage shows; it’s no wonder they are one of Perth’s most sort after corporate acts. On top of their corporate performances, they have also held some of Perth’s longest running nightclub residencies including Mustang Bar and Paramount Nightlight.

FELIX doesn’t choose just one category of music, they perform quality covers from Classic Rock, to Motown to Top 50, not only providing a quality sound but creating a fun and energetic atmosphere for your next event. With seamless musical transitions, medley’s and interaction with the crowd, FELIX is second to none when it comes to a first rate corporate act.

Past performances including support for INXS, Killing Heidi, Thirsty Merc, Baby Animals, Little Birdie and De La Soul, as well as performances at Summadayze, Superfest, XFactor Australia, Telethon and Future Music Festival.

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