Glacius – Stilt/Musical Roving

Available as stilt walkers or ground roving, “Glacius” is an all female musical trio capturing the elegance and beauty of the magical element of Ice. A multinational musical group conjuring ‘Glacius’ a character made of ice and water. Essentially the outfit is an interactive all female trio, mesmerising light up costume, involving three captivating performers roving with instruments.

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Interacting with the public, these captivating ladies encompass theatrical spontaneity, choreographed pieces and cover a vast genre of repertoire to relate to all ages. Rhoda Lopez (Actress, Musician and Vocalist), Nikki Dagostino (Accordionist extraordinaire), and Beth Sheldon (Circus performer, Costume designer and Double Bassist).

Their act can be adapted to fit any event theme, outdoor festivals, suitable for roving , meet and greet, floorshows, cabaret, weddings, corporate functions and more. The characters can fit a family friendly audience, as well as adult themed events.

The glacial styled illuminated costumes glimmer and gleam as the ensemble glide and spiral between the crowds… creating mesmerising music to melt the hearts of all who encounter them.

Designed to be a roving act for 3 musicians (the instrument line up can vary)


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