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Miguel De La Mata  is an experienced, versatile musician – offering everything from solo instrumental flamenco guitar, to upbeat duo with live percussion, to full size band with accompanying female vocalist. Whatever your cultural event, drop us a line and we can discuss which of these formats will work best for the setting!

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Miguel is a guitarist and singer involved in music since his early high-school years during the 90’s and he has been active part of the Perth’s music scene since moving to Perth in 2012. Playing initially in various cover bands at many venues across WA, private functions and receptions and more recently taking the lead into more culturally intriguing musical ensembles.
Miguel’s diversity has been built over the years of playing guitar on multiple genres such as rock, metal, blues, reggae, pop, funk, R&B, jazz, salsa, rumba Flamenca, tropical south American rhythms, Cuban son, Afro-Peruvian jazz and traditional music, Peruvian Creole music, Psychedelic Cumbia and Latin pop and fusion.

His latest original work was completed with his Latin band in Perth called “Kombi-A Train”, which released an EP in 2022. The band’s style is a fusion of Salsa, Rock, Jazz influenced by a genre called “Chicha” or “Peruvian Psychedelic Cumbia”, made for the Australian market with the aim of culturally integrating Australians to the Latino emerging community. Miguel recently worked as the musical director supporting the singing duo AViiDA for shows of “Motown” and “Stevie Wonder & Aretha Franklin” tribute, played at the renowned Astor Theatre and The Quarry Amphitheatre.

Many years in the industry gives Miguel the skills to provide a range of music offer, scalable from solo/duo Spanish theme to full Latin orchestras, depending on entertainment requirements. Miguel arranges his own versions of songs and directs his bands during performance. He completed one year of Jazz Performance at ECU where he primed his guitar playing with the language of Jazz music. He was part of the Afro-Peruvian Jazz Ensemble directed by Daniel Susnjar, which recorded a live album called “La Receta”.
In his music work, Miguel develops the dream of planting seeds of Spanish or Latino culture within the Australian music industry to infuse and create cultural experiences.


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