Mexican Mariachi Band

Perth’s authentic mariachi troupe, many mariachis! Available as duo, trio or full band stage show!

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If you’re looking for the flair and fiesta of Mexico for your next event, look no further than Perth’s premier mariachi band, Muchos Mariachi.

Featuring two trumpets and a guitar, the three amigos recreate the atmosphere of a hot night in a Mexican cantina wherever they go by performing a selection of traditional mariachi melodies with a few more contemporary tunes tossed in for fun.

Muchos Mariachi was formed for the opening of El Publico, a Mexican themed bar and restaurant in Mt Lawley. After uploading a low-grade video to Youtube, the band have been booked for gigs ever since as Perth’s only mariachi group.

Decked out in full Mexican costumes that include sombreros, Muchos Mariachi are suitable for many different types of indoor and outdoor events. You can have them roam around throughout the audience or crowd, or stand still.

This is mariachi with an Australian twist. Ándale, arriba, oi oi oi!

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