Salama – Maloya Music

Get ready to groove and connect with the infectious beats of Maloya and Creole music as Salama takes you on a cultural and colourful journey to their sunny islands. Experience Creole music and dance extravaganza, in their captivating and powerful rhythms, joyful chants and vibrant island moves.

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Overall Winner Music/Musicals (Fringe World Festival 2023), Salama is a cosmopolitan collective of Indian Ocean natives and other artists of diverse origins, all sharing a passion for Maloya, a traditional percussion-based music from Reunion Island, which finds its roots in the island’s complex and painful history. Today Maloya is associated with ancestry, being Creole and blissful freedom. Salama is fortunate to be pioneering in the sharing of the powerful and magical Maloya in Australia. The comrades in and outside of Maloya proudly bring original musical shows, skillfully blending the traditional and modern, and sharing stories of joy and nostalgia and everything in between.

The Salama Menu

While we proud ourselves for specialising in the majestic Maloya, Salama’s repertoire consists of a variety of Creole music including sega, seggae and even songs from Madagascar and Africa, with traditional instruments only and/or a more modern line-up. We love to perform dancy songs with island rhythms and catchy beats. With an almost entirely French-speaking crew, we are also up for French performances with or without a Creole twist! We can scale the band up or down depending on what you need but fun and joy will always be there!

Our 75-min formal show: Salama Odyssey: A Creole Music and Dance Celebration

Embark on a feel-good journey to the islands with the full Salama band. Our narrator and colourful backdrop with translated lyrics and captivating visuals will guide you through our storytelling with a Creole twist. Bask in the island sun with our vibrant beats and melodies.

We can offer pre-show and post-show music and/or dance workshops as well as a Q&A where we can facilitate an engaging question time around history, culture, and traditional instruments.

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