The Monster Mash – Halloween Band

Get ready to groove and spook with “The Monster Mash,” a Halloween family-friendly band that brings musical magic to the spookiest season!

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With catchy tunes and playful lyrics, their songs are a perfect blend of fun and fright for all ages. From dancing skeletons to howling werewolves, their eclectic cast of characters takes centre stage, delivering a monstrously entertaining performance.

Whether you’re hosting a costume party, carving pumpkins, or simply enjoying the crisp autumn air, “The Monster Mash” provides a hair-raisingly good time that will have everyone singing and dancing along. This band is a graveyard smash that’s sure to enchant the whole family!

Songs include but not limited too: Thriller, Ghost Busters, the Monster Mash, Spooky, Rattlin’ Bones to name a few.

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