Tropicalia – Latin Band

Tropicalia are a high energy latino perty band from Perth, Western Australia. They play a wide selection of Latino rhythms perfect for dancers of all ages. The most popular genres among their followers are Afro-Cuban Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton and Vallenato.

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Based in Perth WA, Tropicalia are a vibrant  live band who specialise in Latin music. They play a wide selection of rhythms perfect for dancers of all ages. The most popular genres among our followers are Afro-Cuban Salsas, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggae,  Reggaeton, Vallenato and Latin Pop . 

The band members come from different parts of South America, from Colombia to Chile,  giving Tropicalia a unique combination and a very authentic flavour.

Tropcalia includes a line up of Congas , Trumpets, Drums, Electric Guitars, Piano, Trumpets,  Guiro and Diatonic Accordion, along with three bilingual vocalists able to sing in Spanish, English or Portuguese depending the occasion. Tropicalia can adapt our band size for different events needs; from 4 piece to 9 Piece depending on the customers’ requirements. For specific events Tropicalia has hosted International Singers for local Tours in WA, so they have expertise in obtaining  Artist Work Visas, and entertainer Permits on request. 

With thousands of followers on Social Media, Tropicalia has a track record of making big parties, usually sold out events at many of the most reputable venues in WA such as The Ellington Jazz Club, Eve Crown Casino, Rosemount Hotel, Badlands Bar, Milk Bar, Perth Mess Hall, Lyrics Underground  among a variety of local and international festivals.

The band are proud of their latest single “Cuarentena de Amor” (Love in Lockdown) which was completely written and arranged by Lead Singer and Musical Arranger (Jorge De la Hoz and Billy Vilches), locally recorded and produced in Perth.  The single is now available on all the Platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, ApplePlay, GooglePlay, YoutubeMusic among others.


  • We had the privilege of having these amazing four talented guys for our wedding in October 2018. I am from Panama and my husband is Australian. Tropicalia Perth band was not only able to bring “ mi sabor latino” essence to our wedding but the type of music and rhythm that was enjoyable and by all of our guests from different cultural backgrounds. Their love for what they do is felt and contagious that gets everyone dancing on the floor from the moment they start.

    Karin Williams (Review via FB page)
  • A very good band to have for our next Cadena Multicultural Fundraising Event coming up at the end of the year.

    Delia Gordon

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